We sustainably induce the market success of our customers

We are one of the leading suppliers of inductive components worldwide. More than 50 years of experience, a global manufacturing and sales network and numerous patents guarantee you perfect solutions for product development and series production.

We develop, test and produce customer-specific inductive components such as chokes, transformers, transmitters and coils. Our state-of-the-art systems and processes guarantee you world-wide highest quality standards, leading know-how and prompt and reliable delivery.
Based on your ideas, wishes and requirements, our experienced design and development team takes over the entire development process of complex units.


IATF 16949 (2016), ISO 9001 (2015), own UL systems (130 – 180°C), Supplier of the Year (Siemens)

Industry and Renewable Energy

Inductive components for power supplies, frequency converters, servo drives and photovoltaic systems

Inductive components in modern power supplies and inverters fulfill key functions of the device. Minimum construction space, maximum possible insulation and partial discharge strength, the use of insulation systems and the correct normative design make the highest requirements. We have been manufacturing in this field for over 50 years and therefore have a unique experience in the development and production of such components.

Perfect components for perfect products

Whether current-compensated filter chokes with ferrite cores or modern nanocrystalline solutions, we offer the technically and economically optimal solution. Also for transformers for the various circuits in d switched mode power supplies, isolation transformers in IGBTs and similar products. We use and supply all standard designs (e. g. E-Cores, Ring Cores, RM, PQ, etc. ).
We are also able to simulate special designs and produce prototypes of such special solutions bases on mechanically produced ferrite/powder cores and plastic parts from 3D printing processes at short notice.


We are the expert for custom-made solenoids for a wide variety of applications and in a variety of sizes – from “naked” magnetic coils to fully assembled magnetic assemblies with controlled force-travel monitoring.

With our simulation tool, we are able to calculate and optimize force-travel characteristics for any kind of magnet before the first prototype is built.

Our product range includes:

  • Lifting magnets (e. g. for ignition key locking)
  • Relay coils
  • Solenoid valves
  • Magnetic coils for door locks (e. g. in washing machines, parcel stations)
  • Trigger magnets for circuit breakers and line protection switches
  • Shock absorber coils in motor vehicles
Current Transformers

We develop and manufacture current sensors for circuit breakers, motor controllers, electricity meters and smart grid applications:
Depending on the type of application, we offer these current converters based on SiFE ferrite or nanocrystalline ring cores. Splitcore converters for easy installation on existing cables are also part of our portfolio. We are not only experts for special applications of just a few pieces, but also for the production of millions, such as current transformers for household electricity meters.


Rogowski coils in oval or round shape are used in the circuit breakers of almost all relevant manufacturers worldwide. We specialist in precisely linearly wound Rogowski coils and applications with output signals from 40mV/kA to more than 1V/kA.


As the world market leader, we offer you particularly small Rogowski coils with the highest precision and highest external field immunity.

In addition, we offer a range of standard Rogowski coils in three different sizes as well as flexible Rogowski coils, which can be easily mounted over existing primary conductors, via various distributors (DigiKey, Mouser, TTI).

We are also able to produce Rogowski coils for metering applications, for which it was necessary to develop a special shield for magnetic and electric fields.

Sensor coil & Energy Harvester for circuit breaker (ACB, MCCB)



We are one of the world market leaders in the design and production of complex measuring modules for various types of low, medium and high voltage circuit breakers.

Modern devices use separate systems to supply energy to the trigger electronics and to capture load or short-circuit currents. Due to their linearity and large measuring range, the high-precision and external-field-independent Rogowski coils are used for the latter, while for the electronics we use energy harvester based on our SiFe cores. Both coils are installed by us to form a complex system of plastic parts, casting compound, connection technology and more.

All systems are designed and executed exactly according to customer requirements to meet the highest requirements and to make the end products as competitive as possible.

Ignition coils

We are also your reliable development and manufacturing partner for ignition coils and high-voltage transformers for a wide variety of applications. Thanks to our decades of experience in winding technology, casting under vacuum and in the design of high-voltage resistant coil former, we offer you all the necessary know-how for the voltage range of 25 kV and above.

We are your partner for:

  • Ignition coils for gas and oil burners
  • Ignition coils for gas discharge lamps
  • High voltage transformers for copiers
  • Various ionization and plasma applications (medical technology, exhaust gas cleaning)
Motor Coils

Motor coils / E-Mobility

We are one of the world’s leading manufacturers of segmented motor coils. In addition, we offer our customers our many years of experience and numerous patents for the development of new products.

We develop and produce for your applications:

  • Motor coils for hybrid drives
  • Stator segments for electric compressors (Electric Supercharger)
  • Motors for electric bicycles (pedelecs)
  • Highly compact motors for robot drives, skateboards etc.
OBC Magnetics, Filter

Our customized inductors for electric cars (on-board charger, DC/DC converter, inverter, EMC filter) offer maximum efficiency and performance. Thanks to state-of-the-art simulation tools and thermally conductive casting, we guarantee optimum design and heat dissipation. The fully assembled components in aluminium housings provide reliable protection against external influences.
In addition, we offer special cores, perfectly tailored to your application.


  • Power Inductors (also flat wire)
  • Common Mode Chokes
  • PFC Power Factor Correction Choke
  • CLLC Transformer for bidirectional OBC
  • Filters
Special Coils

Our custom made coils, such as flow sensors and LVDT (Linear Variable Differential Transducer), are precisely engineered solutions for specific applications. Thanks to our many years of experience and innovative manufacturing techniques, we guarantee the highest quality and precision. Contact us to discuss tailor-made solutions for your unique requirements.

Development & Industrialization

Focusing on key markets such as e-mobility, we offer comprehensive design support, both electrically and mechanically (Creo). Our expertise ranges from magnetic to thermal analyses for outstanding cooling concepts.

Qualification according to AEC-Q200 guarantees the highest standards. In-house production, development of manufacturing processes and technologies as well as successful projects with market and technology leaders speak for our expertise.

With competitive production facilities in Europe and Asia, we are well positioned. Discover the future of power electronics with our One Stop Shop!