International connections

WE develop the best solution for you. To do this, we use internal and external development resources and experts from all over the world.


We collaborate closely with leading research organizations in Austria, Europe, and the USA. These include such renowned partners as e.g. the FH Joanneum, the Frauenhofer Institute, the ETH Z├╝rich and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in the USA.


On the basis of our knowledge and expertise and our partners’ ideas, we design optimal customized solutions and implement them with the aid of state-of-the-art development, production, and process-planning technologies to create high-quality and high-reliability serial products.


Depending on your location, upon request, we will also undertake the high-quality and cost-efficient exclusive production of your products at one of our production facilities in Europe, China or India.

Preliminary Research & Development

In order to ensure that the development departments within the individual fields are always up-to-date with the current state of product development and process technology, we maintain our own department that concentrates on preliminary research and development.
In the preliminary development stage, you will find the synergies of the technologies from all our fields of operation that we use to implement your product idea. This enables our product teams to support our customers in the implementation of their specific products with modern, innovative solutions.

Innovative Expertise

We have developed the relevant expertise in order to be able to develop and manufacture products (for our customers) that not only achieve market success but also set new standards in innovation and technical design.
With the support of external research units, we are able to offer solutions in a number of technical fields with a degree of integration you will probably not find anywhere else.

Layer-wound coils | Flatwire-wound coils | Compact braid-wound coils

We design coils with a maximized copper fill factor to ensure a particularly high output density for high-end applications for customers.
We have set new standards for conical winding and geometric precision in single-tooth stator windings and continue to improve these technologies.
We have developed special winding techniques for the future use of high frequencies in stators and power inductors.

Thermo-management and waterproof systems

Thanks to our wealth of experience in the optimized redirection of energy loss, Egston can offer you solutions to facilitate a more compact design for your products while maintaining a high power density with the aid of simulations, test setups, experiments and studies.
Egston has been manufacturing waterproof systems and assemblies for over 20 years and is constantly improving them.

Rogowski coils

We have been developing and manufacturing Rogowski coils for over 25 years.
Thanks to a number of research projects, we are now in a position to design these measurement sensors and the corresponding evaluation electronic units according to your specifications. This also applies to applications that have not been deemed feasible up until today.
We can offer you solutions for the construction, design, size, precision, and testing of these current sensors and manufacture your coils at a high degree of precision with our internally developed production machines.

Electronics development

To optimize the performance of your inductive component, we will provide you with our know-how in electronics and our research and development testing facilities.
Our company have 20 years of experience in the design of power electronics, charging technology, and measurement electronics. This knowledge can support you in the implementation of your projects, especially if these are to be implemented by us across our range of products.

Development tools

ANSYS: FEM (Finite Element Method)-software for various simulations (mechanical, electrical, electro-magnetic and thermic)
Simplorer: Circuit-simulation with interface to ANSYS
Matlab: Matrix-based platform for solving mathematical problems
Simulink: Additional toolbox for Matlab for modelling and solving physical models
Spice: Circuit-simulation software
Creo: 3D/2D-designprogram for mechanic
Pulsonix: PCB-design-program

Process development

During the preliminary development stage, we develop the corresponding production and testing processes that will enable the future implementation of your product ideas.

Casting, bonding, and immersion processes

Thanks to our innovative casting and immersion processes, we can meet your requirements in the field of heat management and waterproofing.
Advanced design in vacuum casting processes
Coil immersion processes (CCI technology)
Or magnet bonding
All demonstrate the potential for development that we can provide for the implementation of your product

Winding technology

Product-specific winding technology is one of the core competencies that have been established and continuously developed by our company over the past 25 years.
We have set several standards in winding Rogowski coils in the past, which have gained the recognition of our customers all over the world.
Another focus of our continuous process development is on innovations in winding stator teeth.
EGSTON holds a number of patents in the field of stator winding.

Testing technology

We develop innovative testing technology to allow us to test the specific requirements of your inductive products.
The research department collaborates with our internal production automation department to develop the corresponding – and in some cases fully automatic – testing processes to ensure the quality of your products.


More than 18 patents and a number of industrial property rights currently under review attest to our innovative capacity.
EGSTON holds a number of patents in Austria, Germany and abroad to protect our intellectual property for our company and your products.