• Trichy

EGSTON Electronics (India) Private Limited

Required Qualifications / Erforderliche Qualifikationen

Technical and educational   /   Fachlich:

Diploma & BE

Responsibilities, Tasks, Rights / Verantwortung, Aufgaben, Kompetenz

Responsibilities   /   Verantwortung:

  • Serious check that the workers are working according the WI
  • Serious check if the parts are according the WI

Important Tasks (Result)   /   wesentliche Aufgaben (Ergebnis):

  • Measure wire tension for the machines as per the requirement
  • Check if the parts are manufactured according the approved routing as per the requirement
  • Check the part numbers on the raw material according the time ticket for start-up of the production
  • Check if the operators are cleaning their workplace before starting of work,
  • Check the operation steps according work instruction and correct the operator if they are doing wrong operation
  • Control the rework operation according to the WI
  • Check the structure of the winding according to the WI
  • Block the parts after a failure occur with the blocking sheet, move the parts to the block area, make the analyze and inform the next level according to the organization chart, and approve the blocked parts after correction/Rework
  • Record the findings in the F0008
  • Check the final test reports every day, analyze the failures, find the root cause and inform the next level according the organization chart
  • Follow the corrective actions according to  PDCA

Rights (Authorization)   /   Kompetenzen (Befugnisse):

  • Block & unblock the failure parts
  • Line stoppage in case of any deviation from the document
  • Approve parts after rework

Organizational Integration / Organisatorische Zuordnung

  • Reports to:  Superior according to organization chart.

Um sich für diesen Job zu bewerben, sende deine Unterlagen per E-Mail an Sumathy.MARAIMALAI@yageo.com