1. You’ll need to configure WPML’s Translation Management. This means adding accounts for your translators.
  2. Enable sending XLIFF files in translator notification emails (see the next section).
  3. Go to WPML->Translation Management and send jobs to translators.
  4. WPML sends notification emails to your translators, telling them that there’s new work on your site. These notifications will now include a ZIP file with all the documents for translation in XLIFF format.
  5. Your translators open these XLIFF files and work on them using their favourite CAT tool.
  6. When they’re done, they click on the return URL in the notification email. From there, they upload the complete XLIFF files back. The translator only needs to upload the XLIFF file without choosing what it’s for. Each file includes the information that tells WPML what’s been translated.
  7. WPML creates the translations on your site and sends you a notification email, saying that the work has been completed.
  1. Sending Documents to Translation

    Go to WPML->Translation Management, choose the documents to translate, the translation languages and the translators and send to translation.

    WPML will notify your translators and send them the XLIFF files to translate.

    Translation Dashboard

    Alternatively, the translators can also go to their jobs list, select the documents that they want to download and click on Export as XLIFF.


    The translators should download and unzip the attachment from the notification email. It will contain the different documents that you sent. They translate each of the files in their CAT tool and save.

    When done, the translators can upload either individual XLIFF files or create a ZIP and upload all at once.